Monday, December 16, 2013


This year has gone by so fast, I turned 25 this past July and I have to admit it really threw me off. By no means do I think 25 is old, but it really is a turning point. Most people have got their life somewhat together, and are done with school, have careers, ect. Here I am, 25, still in school (which is OKAY!) and working on making my life the best I can. July seems like, well, yesterday. I can't believe Christmas is almost a week away and I think it is time to jump on the bandwagon of making a 26 before 26 list.

(what better way to celebrate being older but with a super old picture of the boy and me circa 2008)

1. Get associates degree (almost done, almost done!!)
2. Apply to Grand Valley
3. Eat better the whole year
4. Blog Blog Blog
5. Go on a little (or big) trip.
6. Photograph more.
7. Clean my basement (it is really terrible)
8. Find my fashion voice.
9. Watch more documentaries
10. Read more
11. Make new friendships
12. Spend time with family
13. Invest more into my hair
14. Remove negativity
15. Give up aimlessly browsing facebook (such a time waster)
16. Learn more about architecture
17. Try new things
18. Learn how to drive -- This might not ever happen!!!
19. Go to the beach as much as possible!
20. Show nick I love him every day
21. Enjoy the little things
22. Start to pay off my debt
23. Go to detroit
24. Make 5 year plan.
25. Spend less money on going out to eat.
26. Make more

I could have started this list closer to my birthday, but I let the months pass me by! Oh well. Can't wait to see where the year takes me.

Anyone else have any great goals for their year?


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