Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Hexagon Wood Bath Mat Brown
$25 - target.com

IKEA Fillsta
$40 - ikea.com

6 foot Fern Tree Potted

 The resolution is so terrible SORRY! 
I already have the bath mat and shower curtain.I am not really sure about it yet.How does it look with the pendant lamp and maybe some greenery?I would really love some input.Jamie

Saturday, June 23, 2012

shoot shoot

I have been really trying to spend a lot of time shooting.
This is the art museum in Grand Rapids.
It really is quite stunning.
I will have to go back.
This is my new favorite spot, that brown wall has water streaming down it.
So beautiful.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Alright so I am very fond of Mid-Century design.
I don't stop talking about it. I spend most of my free time looking at design blogs and watching documentaries about designers and such.
For the past week I have been really concerned about what to set my TV on in my new apartment.
Right now our TV is on a fire place mantel.
Our new home doesn't have a mantel. So I was not sure what our option was going to be.
I work at a local thrift store and we received two credenzas that were not quite up to my liking.
I thought HEY maybe I could do something with them, paint them, stain them, add drawer pulls...

Our bed is right in front of a window that looks out towards a moderately busy street.
My boyfriend tried to wake me up asking "what is that outside"
Our neighbors tend to be a little trashy, a little obnoxious, so I just figured they were up to one of their antics.
So once I rubbed my eyes awake and put my glasses on I saw it.
The back was facing our window and I could tell that it was the credenza of my dreams.
I hollered out the window and claimed my treasure!
The neighbors claimed this lovely piece of Danish wood was too large for their house and wanted to get rid of it!

I googled mid-century credenza and found a twin.
Looks like the maker is Rosengren Hansen.
I haven't found too much info on his work...but it is indeed teak and Danish!
I don't know if you can tell from this picture but this piece is about 10 feet long!
Whoa boy.

The fine furniture gods shinned down upon me that fine morning.