Tuesday, December 24, 2013


 So excited for this next year. January is by far one of the best months. I think it just brings on so much excitement for the upcoming year. I usually am pretty reluctant to make a "resolution" they seem so cliche and as if they are set up to fail! Screw it, I'm making plans for this year to come. I want it to be a year of crafting and planting and dressing. I want to invest in my over all outlook. I think I can achieve this by surrounding my self with pretty things, happy people, good music and great books.

 I can't wait to start adding to my collection of house plants, which currently consists of two (dead) cacti and one beautiful thing that I have no idea what it is. But it is alive and huge so that counts!

I really want to find my style, stop focusing on what is in. Start focusing on what makes me comfortable and makes me feel like I am lookin' good.

Organizing the home is something that is constantly going on in the house hold. It almost seems as if when fall comes and goes and we enter winter I get lost in how I want my house to look. The image above is from last year and it just seems so crisp and clean...I am pretty sure those drawers were all organized too!

Can't wait to keep updating you all on how the new year plans have turned out!


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