Sunday, December 15, 2013

F O O D ?

I just want to talk a bit about my plan for next year. Over the past five years I have gained a ton of weight. I plan on next year loosing 50 pounds, and getting on a healthy track. I thought I might as well start to get on the right track now (with the exception of Christmas, I will eat all of the food). I have been saying, out loud, I am going to loose 50 pounds. I don't like saying "I plan on" or "when I do" or "if I do". I think the more confident I am with my goal the more likely I am at attaining said goal.
Today (and yesterday) I think I did pretty good. I went grocery shopping and not only purchased good for me foods but foods I would actually eat. I think often times when we set ourselves up with "dieting" we try and restrict ourselves far too much. When really we just need to figure out a way to eat as a necessity and not out of boredom or laziness. Eat to fuel our bodies, in a great way.
I know realistically for me it won't all happen at once, I might have bad days. I do know that I need to let my self have some of my guilty pleasures, like cheese and chocolate. I gave myself today three slices of swiss cheese, and plan on having a square of dark chocolate from the freezer ( I haven't even craved it yet!) I really think that I am off to a positive start and I can't wait to see how 2014 goes. Hopefully I can get some encouragement from the blog world!

Another one of the most important things about this lifestyle change is not calling it a "diet" I think there are some heavy negative connotations with that word and it usually leaves us feeling empty and ugly. Eating should be fun and natural. Eating good, real foods is so important.

Happy eating everyone!



  1. That's exciting! What I've learned the most about such a lifestyle change is to make sure to focus on making my body healthier and not necessarily about losing weight. That always makes it more frustrating a disappointing. I also think it's a good idea to take pictures of yourself from before because the little day-to-day changes are sometimes unnoticeable and that can be really discouraging. Good luck!