Thursday, December 12, 2013


I have been living in the Baldwin house for a year and a half now. I really truly love it
It is the perfect canvas for me to change up my decor style.
I have been finding the bedroom to be a challenge since the start.
We have pretty limited space for the two of us and while we do host many a guest we really have to work with the space that we have.
I prefer the bedroom to be a relaxing space only, but with having only two bedrooms we had to work with what we have.
So our bedroom is a traditional bedroom with an office for Nick crammed into the closet.
It works but he never seems to have the same style(clean) flow as I do when it comes to his space.
The bed room currently looks like this:

I think the colors are to ROYGBIVy and not light and bright like the room was before.
I hope to this January, which is a time for change, change up this room.

I entered my bedroom into an apartment therapy contest last winter.
I really loved the way it looked but I have to be honest, this was a minimal version of my room.
Most of the junk had been pushed aside, all power chords were camouflaged and it was basically my room with "make-up" on. Hah!
Anyway, I really hope to get back to a more polished look, a more bright look this upcoming new year!


Can't wait to start working on the house this upcoming year!


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