Friday, May 31, 2013


chchchcheck it.


Here, is just a preview of what I have been adding to my shop. So much more to add as the days go on, as well. I have been really working on getting good images, and having a consistent look to what I post. Keep an eye out I will be adding more all the time.


Hope you all enjoy.



Short post with awesome Ipod touch pictures! Yes!
So it has been a really fast year since my last Burley Park experience.
I will totally have to go again this year.
Burley Park, is this awesome flea market about 30 miles north of the city.
My pops just happens to live in the same town.
The market is such a fun place to go, even if you aren't in the mood to buy.
There are always tons of people to watch, and so many people bring their dogs around.
There is even people selling all sorts of animals. I have seen bunnies, dogs, cats, pigs and goats.
This year I set out with a goal for two items in particular; a Herman Miller chair and a Pendleton blanket.
I made out with both.  

                                                                              Got this random white shell chair
                                                                                                 for only two bucks!

I have some more real photos to post later of my awesome finds.
Can't wait to go again on the 4th of July.
 Such good finds and such interesting people...not to mention the kick ass deep fried food.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Beach Time


We made it back into town just in time to enjoy the beer garden at State street.

First trip to the big lake of the season, and believe it or not I didn't make it there at all last year!
Lake Michigan is one of the best things about living in this state. 
So I convinced the bestie to drive out west to go enjoy some sun.

Overall wonderful time, and I swear Nicole was having a good time too.

X Jay Coffin (TheBaldwinHouse)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Wanderin' Days

I have been MIA from the blogosphere lately, well I have been here, just a silent observer. I have in that time have developed a new addiction; Instagram. I walk most days to work, about two miles. I usually have my iPod touch handy and ready to take a snap of all the great sites in Grand Rapids. So here is an update of some of the shit I see on my lovely morning walks.

x Jamie (theBaldwinHouse)

Let's do this

Alright, so after spending the last three hours looking at the awesome blog Radical Possibility I have been inspired to keep going with my blog. I found out earlier this week that my hours at work will be permanently cut with no likely chance of them increasing again. I took this at first as a major blow. In reality the difference is about a shift a week. Which will make a huge difference in my spending habits, and my budgeting will have to all be rethought. I really love my job ( I work for a kick ass Boutique) they really work with my school schedule and even offer me tuition reimbursement! I think it will really be tough to find a second job, when really all I would need is a few extra hours. SO, I am taking the lemons and making some awesome lemonade. I am going to take my free time to really work on this here blog, and selling on my etsy. I have really dropped the ball with my etsy, Cuckoo Birds. New items posted yesterday and tons more in storage just waiting to hit the virtual shelves! I am really looking forward to some new business ideas and all the little (and big) projects around the house.
Hopefully you all stick around to find out what is in store!

Here is a little peek at what has been going around the house lately:

Tulip Chair Before-

Tulip chair & table after:

 I found the chairs and table on the side of the road just a few blocks up! I have no idea why anyone would have painted them that sick brown?! I still have one more chair to add to this little set up and I think it will look perfect.

x Jamie (theBaldwinHouse)