Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Went on a little road trip to Detroit.  I have been spending time watching the youtube channel of adam the woo and realized he was in the punk band Guttermouth. I only live about two hours from Detroit and thought it would be a fun day tip to go out and see the show. It was literally the most fun I have ever had. Guttermouth was a riot. Before the show the boyfriend and I wandered around downtown Detroit, went to the casino ( a first for me). Ate at five guys (another first!). I can't forget to mention Hamtramck Disney Land; a backyard filled with folk art, curated by a Ukrainian man. It was really a site to see. Although this trip was done in a day it was an outstanding one. If you remember back to my list of 26 before 26, I had "visit Detroit" as one of my goals! I did it! With only one month to spare!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Happy birthday Charles Eames. He would have turned 107 today if he was still with us. Charles and Ray Eames are a huge influence on me and my life. Honestly, learning about Charles and Ray led me to my love for design and architecture. Not a day goes by where I don't think "What Would Charles and Ray Do" I often think of the video House: After Five Years of Living, all of the details and little accoutrements that the two of them put into their living space is purely superb.



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Monday, June 16, 2014


I think often, we as a culture, stop paying attention to the details. I have been trying to find happiness is all of my little tasks and ventures. I am trying not to wish away my days anymore. If I am going to work I bring my camera or phone and take pictures along the way. I really think that if everyone slowed down just a little bit we would all really enjoy life a little more.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Took a trip a few weeks back with my guy and my family. It was a nice little trip to celebrate mothers day. We went to our favorite place, Leland. It is one of the most beautiful places. Leland was a huge part of my early life and will always be monumentally important to me. If you ever get a chance to drive north to Traverse City, make sure you make a stop in Leland.


E T S Y--S H O P

New pieces added yesterday! Tons more to be added this week.



Friday, June 6, 2014



NEWSFLASH!!!! I turn twenty(fucking)six next month! I really should have made this list the moment I turned 25 so I had time to really work on it! But I am feeling pretty proud of the accomplishments I have made. Most importantly  finishing community college and moving on to Grand Valley. I also would like to add, that over the past six months I really feel like I have made some new, solid friendships and really worked on the friendships I have already had! I have met some really amazing people over the past year and I couldn't be more amazed or grateful for them!

I think so many of the elements on my list can never really be "checked-off" they are things I will have to be constantly working on to better my life.

1. Get associates degree (almost done, almost done!!)
2. Apply to Grand Valley
3. Eat better the whole year ( Doing pretty well so far, have lost 25 pounds since January. Have some ups and downs but that is expected!)
4. Blog Blog Blog ( doing terrible)
5. Go on a little (or big) trip. 
6. Photograph more. ( def. using my phone camera a ton, need a new DSLR)
7. Clean my basement (it is really terrible) ( started this, but its a mess again, but got rid of a ton of stuff!)
8. Find my fashion voice.
9. Watch more documentaries (doing good)
10. Read more (recently decided to stop reading a certain drag of a book that I thought I just HAD to read. Currently looking for new(old) books to read)
11. Make new friendships

12. Spend time with family
13. Invest more into my hair
14. Remove negativity
15. Give up aimlessly browsing facebook (such a time waster)
16. Learn more about architecture 
17. Try new things
18. Learn how to drive -- This might not ever happen!!! (still don't think this will ever happen)
19. Go to the beach as much as possible!
20. Show nick I love him every day (This will be on my list forever)
21. Enjoy the little things
22. Start to pay off my debt (nope)
23. Go to detroit
24. Make 5 year plan.
25. Spend less money on going out to eat.
26. Make more

Thursday, June 5, 2014


June has happened upon me so fast this year.  I was counting down the days to spring in March and even in May.  It seemed here in michigan spring just wasn't going to happen.  The days are getting warm now with an occasional cool edge to the breeze, which is just perfect to me. 

Received Edith Holden's Nature Notes for a old family friend. Beautiful to read on a nice spring day. It is really interesting to see how Spring was in Edwardian England. Apparently grass starts to grow in March! Edith kept beautiful diaries about what she found in nature, paired with her own water color paintings and little verses that went along with the mood of the season.