Friday, June 6, 2014



NEWSFLASH!!!! I turn twenty(fucking)six next month! I really should have made this list the moment I turned 25 so I had time to really work on it! But I am feeling pretty proud of the accomplishments I have made. Most importantly  finishing community college and moving on to Grand Valley. I also would like to add, that over the past six months I really feel like I have made some new, solid friendships and really worked on the friendships I have already had! I have met some really amazing people over the past year and I couldn't be more amazed or grateful for them!

I think so many of the elements on my list can never really be "checked-off" they are things I will have to be constantly working on to better my life.

1. Get associates degree (almost done, almost done!!)
2. Apply to Grand Valley
3. Eat better the whole year ( Doing pretty well so far, have lost 25 pounds since January. Have some ups and downs but that is expected!)
4. Blog Blog Blog ( doing terrible)
5. Go on a little (or big) trip. 
6. Photograph more. ( def. using my phone camera a ton, need a new DSLR)
7. Clean my basement (it is really terrible) ( started this, but its a mess again, but got rid of a ton of stuff!)
8. Find my fashion voice.
9. Watch more documentaries (doing good)
10. Read more (recently decided to stop reading a certain drag of a book that I thought I just HAD to read. Currently looking for new(old) books to read)
11. Make new friendships

12. Spend time with family
13. Invest more into my hair
14. Remove negativity
15. Give up aimlessly browsing facebook (such a time waster)
16. Learn more about architecture 
17. Try new things
18. Learn how to drive -- This might not ever happen!!! (still don't think this will ever happen)
19. Go to the beach as much as possible!
20. Show nick I love him every day (This will be on my list forever)
21. Enjoy the little things
22. Start to pay off my debt (nope)
23. Go to detroit
24. Make 5 year plan.
25. Spend less money on going out to eat.
26. Make more