Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Went on a little road trip to Detroit.  I have been spending time watching the youtube channel of adam the woo and realized he was in the punk band Guttermouth. I only live about two hours from Detroit and thought it would be a fun day tip to go out and see the show. It was literally the most fun I have ever had. Guttermouth was a riot. Before the show the boyfriend and I wandered around downtown Detroit, went to the casino ( a first for me). Ate at five guys (another first!). I can't forget to mention Hamtramck Disney Land; a backyard filled with folk art, curated by a Ukrainian man. It was really a site to see. Although this trip was done in a day it was an outstanding one. If you remember back to my list of 26 before 26, I had "visit Detroit" as one of my goals! I did it! With only one month to spare!


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  1. Love the pictures! I'm glad you got to make it to Detroit!! :)