Thursday, January 2, 2014


So I am live blogging my Apartment therapy's January Cure. Here is my task for day one, make a list of things I need to work on in each room. My list really focuses on organizing. My house seems clean and organized from the outside, but I guarantee you if you open any closet or drawer you will find something scary. None of my "hidden" spaces are organized by any means! So hopefully I can kick some organizational ass this upcoming year.


  • Clean out storage closet
  • Stain credenza
  • Clean and organize credenza drawers
  • Find new pillows
  • Large artwork for behind couch


  • Organize all the cupboards (they are the worst)
  • Curtains
  • Paint the fireplace
  • Find better place for the litter box (or hide it some how)


  • Deep clean
  • Organize the rack behind the door
  • Organize medicine cabinet


  • Organize
  • Donate most of it


  • Curtain for the closet
  • Find window treatment solution
  • Hang up all of my clothes and organize closet
  • Get everything out from under the bed (what am I, 12?)
  • Touch of paint
  • Organize dresser


  • Touch up paint
  • Get books out from under the bed
  • Make shelves in the "nook"
  • Get actual bedding for this space, not just random left overs.
  • Find a better way to store the Nerf stuff.


  • Hang up bamboo blinds
  • Get more blinds
  • Hang up house numbers
  • Paint the porch?
  • Move any access junk off the porches

Can't wait to keep you all posted on how my January cure is going!


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