Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Assignment 3:

Find a spot in your home that you rarely (maybe never!) sit in that gives you a view on a room or area that you feel is especially problematic. Take a seat on a chair (or the floor) and just observe for ten minutes. Turn off TV, radio, music and your phone - this is a quiet exercise and is most effective with focus and concentration. 
1. Look around the room and try to imagine what it would look like empty. Recall what it was like when you moved in. 
2. Once you have done that, focus on whatever part of the room that you feel is the most problematic and imagine removing the "stuff" from that area - furniture, belongings, everything. Now, start rebuilding that area, adding back in only what feels right and looks good in your minds eye. 
3. Make note of what changes you envision and move forward with some additional clarity about how you truly want your home to be; what you need and what you can move forward without.
(took that blurb straight from Apartment Therapy)

Alright, So I chose to sit in my kitchen. I just recently got a proper dining table ( this apartment doesn't have a dinning room and it's a total bummer). I have always really enjoyed dining rooms, I think they are a great place not only to eat but to gather with people, play games, do crafts, and sit back and really enjoy life. So cheesy, ehy? 
Until recently I hadn't really spent much casual time in the kitchen other than cooking. Since we got the table we sit in here a ton more. Here is what I came up while doing my 3rd assignment...

-I really need to find a way to minimize or hide the litter box. There are very few spaces in my house for this problematic necessity.
-What the hell, I still have venetian blinds? I need an acceptable window treatment STAT!
-There is one hidden problem in this room; cupboards! Everything behind them is a scary mess. (yesterday I did cleanse the space of all the unneeded dishes. We managed to keep only TWO kitschy mugs and packed the rest away. We just love random coffee mugs!)
-Why don't I have any rugs in here?

Assignment 4:

Get an outbox. A space in your house where you can toss items that you just don't need. Items to be trashed and items to be sent to goodwill.

Luckily I still have my outbox from last year!

Thanks for reading!

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