Saturday, May 18, 2013

Let's do this

Alright, so after spending the last three hours looking at the awesome blog Radical Possibility I have been inspired to keep going with my blog. I found out earlier this week that my hours at work will be permanently cut with no likely chance of them increasing again. I took this at first as a major blow. In reality the difference is about a shift a week. Which will make a huge difference in my spending habits, and my budgeting will have to all be rethought. I really love my job ( I work for a kick ass Boutique) they really work with my school schedule and even offer me tuition reimbursement! I think it will really be tough to find a second job, when really all I would need is a few extra hours. SO, I am taking the lemons and making some awesome lemonade. I am going to take my free time to really work on this here blog, and selling on my etsy. I have really dropped the ball with my etsy, Cuckoo Birds. New items posted yesterday and tons more in storage just waiting to hit the virtual shelves! I am really looking forward to some new business ideas and all the little (and big) projects around the house.
Hopefully you all stick around to find out what is in store!

Here is a little peek at what has been going around the house lately:

Tulip Chair Before-

Tulip chair & table after:

 I found the chairs and table on the side of the road just a few blocks up! I have no idea why anyone would have painted them that sick brown?! I still have one more chair to add to this little set up and I think it will look perfect.

x Jamie (theBaldwinHouse)


  1. The chairs turned out so awesome!!! Found you through R/P! Looking forward to sticking around. I'm a fellow Mitten gal myself!


  2. Thank you, It was such a lucky find! Thanks for finding my blog! More updates soon.


  3. people did some weird things in the 60s and 70s... now we get to pick and choose and edit what they've left behind :)