Monday, May 20, 2013

Beach Time


We made it back into town just in time to enjoy the beer garden at State street.

First trip to the big lake of the season, and believe it or not I didn't make it there at all last year!
Lake Michigan is one of the best things about living in this state. 
So I convinced the bestie to drive out west to go enjoy some sun.

Overall wonderful time, and I swear Nicole was having a good time too.

X Jay Coffin (TheBaldwinHouse)


  1. Loving your sunglasses and hat. Very adorable!

  2. Thanks Amanda, that is actually my best friend Nicole! I'll tell her you like all her accessories!

  3. ahh, the blanket shot kills me, it's soo good!!! and i look really freaking sad in the beer garden but i was really freaking happy! best day!!

    thanks for liking my stuff, Amanda!! it was a Target day :)