Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Alright so I am very fond of Mid-Century design.
I don't stop talking about it. I spend most of my free time looking at design blogs and watching documentaries about designers and such.
For the past week I have been really concerned about what to set my TV on in my new apartment.
Right now our TV is on a fire place mantel.
Our new home doesn't have a mantel. So I was not sure what our option was going to be.
I work at a local thrift store and we received two credenzas that were not quite up to my liking.
I thought HEY maybe I could do something with them, paint them, stain them, add drawer pulls...

Our bed is right in front of a window that looks out towards a moderately busy street.
My boyfriend tried to wake me up asking "what is that outside"
Our neighbors tend to be a little trashy, a little obnoxious, so I just figured they were up to one of their antics.
So once I rubbed my eyes awake and put my glasses on I saw it.
The back was facing our window and I could tell that it was the credenza of my dreams.
I hollered out the window and claimed my treasure!
The neighbors claimed this lovely piece of Danish wood was too large for their house and wanted to get rid of it!

I googled mid-century credenza and found a twin.
Looks like the maker is Rosengren Hansen.
I haven't found too much info on his work...but it is indeed teak and Danish!
I don't know if you can tell from this picture but this piece is about 10 feet long!
Whoa boy.

The fine furniture gods shinned down upon me that fine morning.


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  1. That is amazing....oh my goodness! I wish I had that kind of luck!