Wednesday, May 16, 2012

absolute torture.

Waiting to move has been absolute torture. All I do is look at blogs, online window shop (its the worst!) make lists, organize, pack, and WISH WISH WISH of all the things I need to get or the things I can't wait to do in/to my new home! As you know it is a rental. I am in no place right now to purchase a home. I have moved five times since leaving my parents house in 2006. With a roller coaster ride filled with different good and bad room mates, crappy land lords, crappy neighbor hoods, and not making good decisions it has been hard to stay in one place.
Nick and I (his sister too) have been living together for about three years. We moved from our LAST apartment into this house last July. We moved because
our last apartment was a glorified studio. Not glorified in a good way, into a bigger house in the hood.  Our current landlords have not been an issue for us personally, but have been all over our local news! Tons of stories ended up coming out about them screwing the tenants over. It freaks me out! We have been lucky so far, and with only a little more than a month hopefully we get out clean!
Enough with my mini rant. I did not realize I was going to blab this much.

Here is a sneak peak at a few of the thoughts I am having for the new place

Antrho coasters

doksta dinning table from ikea

Just a little taste of whats to come.
I will defiantly post more! 


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