Tuesday, July 8, 2014



The walls have been painted white. I have decluttered a bunch, and really streamlined the look. There is a lot of black and whites with other neutrals. Really the only pops of color are the Eames' pillow and the Bauhaus coffee table book. If you see those two large black and white prints, they are just engineer prints from staples. You send in an image and they print it really big! As for the wall hanging on the back wall, that is simply muslin that I painted with acrylic paint. 

You can get a small glimpse into the kitchen, I hope to paint that room white as well. I truly have grown to love this apartment. We have lived here for 2 years exactly. We will defiantly be here for one more year, and I plan to sign another lease.  There are still some small changes I want to make to the house, especially getting new light fixtures. Can't wait to keep you all posted!


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