Friday, July 20, 2012


Alright so it has been a little over two weeks since we have moved into our new home. 
I love it!
The neighbor hood is great and we even have a new "porch" cat named Furry Lewis.
It has been bloody hot out since we have moved in so it has left me with little motivation to do anything.
PLUS our main computer has been acting up.
Luckily I was able to order a new computer and it arrived today!
I am more than excited to finally be able to upload pictures and edit them accordingly. 
I am going to start off with a KITCHEN TOUR!


 Awesome, awesome cook books and such.

Holy shit, the fire duke.
I found this gentleman at a garage sale.
I had been eyeing these sort of fire places for a while.
I thought maybe at some point I would be able to find a cheaper one around 200 dollars, and hopefully I would have it at the time I found one!
This bad boy was TEN dollars.
I love him.

I hope you enjoyed the first look at my new home.